Open Source ESB

  • Apache ServiceMix
  • JBoss ESB
  • NetKernel
  • Petals ESB
  • Spring Integration
  • Open ESB
  • WSO2 ESB
  • Mule
  • UltraESB
  • Red Hat Fuse ESB (based on Apache ServiceMix)
Mule is indeed very powerful with it's Studio and data mapper, although the Community Edition that is free feels rather limited compared to the EE version, specially when it comes to supervisioning/monitoring which you request.

Spring Integration only offers very rudimenary support for technologies – just „basic stuff“ such as File, FTP, JMS, TCP, HTTP or Web Services. Mule and Apache Camel offer many, many further components! Integrations are implemented by writing a lot of XML code (without a real DSL).

Apache ESB like Talend or ServiceMix is a broader and more inclusive, and ultimately competitive community than a closed community like Mule.


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