Keyboard shortcut for screen program in linux

'screen' gives you the ability to multiplex a number of interactive shell sessions through a single terminal session. You reserve one keystroke ([Ctrl]+[A] by default) which is the meta key that provides access to all 'screen' functions.
Thus the key sequence [Ctrl]+[A], [D] will "detach" your currently running screen session from the current terminal connection. To re-attach later (from that terminal session or any other) you use the 'screen -r' command.

screen -d -r: to remotely force a session to be detached and attach it here (to cleanly reattach from another session)
[Ctrl]+[A], [D] will "detach" your currently running screen session from the current terminal connection.
To resume a detached session: screen -r
To see the list of sessions: screen -ls
To attach without first detaching an active session: screen -x

Ctrl+a cnew window
Ctrl+a nnext windowI bind F12 to this
Ctrl+a pprevious windowI bind F11 to this
Ctrl+a "select window from listI have window list in the status line
Ctrl+a Ctrl+aprevious window viewed
Ctrl+a Ssplit terminal horizontally into regionsCtrl+a c to create new window there
Ctrl+a |split terminal vertically into regionsRequires screen >= 4.1
Ctrl+a :resizeresize region
Ctrl+a :fitfit screen size to new terminal sizeCtrl+a F is the same. Do after resizing xterm
Ctrl+a :removeremove regionCtrl+a X is the same
Ctrl+a tabMove to next region
Ctrl+a ddetach screen from terminalStart screen with -r option to reattach
Ctrl+a Aset window title
Ctrl+a xlock sessionEnter user password to unlock
Ctrl+a [enter scrollback/copy modeEnter to start and end copy region. Ctrl+a ] to leave this mode
Ctrl+a ]paste bufferSupports pasting between windows
Ctrl+a >write paste buffer to fileuseful for copying between screens
Ctrl+a <read paste buffer from fileuseful for pasting between screens
Ctrl+a ?show key bindings/command namesNote unbound commands only in man page
Ctrl+a :goto screen command promptup shows last command entered


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