How to Create Google App Engine App using Maven

Generate guestbook maven project from the command line:
mvn archetype:generate -Dappengine-version=1.9.37 -Dapplication-id=your-app-id
Then select from the artifact list by supplying the number.

If you want to create the complete, ready-to-run guestbook sample app, supply the number corresponding to

If you want to create an empty project that contains the required directory structure and files, ready for your own classes, supply the number corresponding to

Select the most recent version from the displayed list of available archetype versions by accepting the default.

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You can also do it from Eclipse: -> New a Maven Project -> Add the New Maven Archetype From Google.
$ mvn clean install
Use maven goal
$ appengine:devserver
to run the app.

Use maven goal
$ appengine:update
to upload to Google App Engine.

Refer to Google App Engine maven goals

You can check out the code from:

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