Free movie tools

Storyboard GeneratorChoose a script and create a storyboard. 

Capzles- Create rich, multimedia experiences with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents.

Creaza Cartoonist- An online tool to create cartoons or personal digital stories, consisting of professional backgrounds, characters, props, images and text.

Digital Films- Unleash your creativity and make your digital film for free! Choose a background scene, characters, animated actions, dialog, introduction, and ending credits. Put your name as the producer and email the movie to your friends!

Dvolver Movie Maker- Over 8 million movies have been made here. That's a lot of chit chat. As it turns out, people have a lot to say, and they like to say it with animated characters. So, we’re happy to oblige.

Fakebook- ”Fakebook” allows teachers and students to create imaginary profile pages for study purposes.

Flipbook!- Flipbook! is the drawing game that allows people to create simple animations and share them with the world! Generate an assortment of digital expressions such as newspapers, clapper boards, and talking animals.

fotobabble- The ultimate personal e-card.

iCreate- While stop-motion animation is the core concept powering iCreate’s software and app, the true value lies in the hands-on creation, simple user-interface, and cross-curricular integration — three elements that make for a learning experience that’s meaningful and fun.

Make Beliefs Comix- Create your own comix strip- It’s easy and fun.

Mapskip- MapSkip makes the world a canvas for our stories and photos.

Meograph- Meograph helps easily create, watch, and share interactive stories. Our first product combines maps, timeline, links, and multimedia to tell stories in context of where and when.

My Story Maker- Simple digital story maker.

The Peanut Gallery- Add your own words to silent film clips by simply speaking into your computer.

Pixton- Pixton introduces the world to Click-n-Drag Comics™, a revolutionary new patented technology that gives anyone the power to create amazing comics on the web.

Shidonni- A safe environment where kids and their parents can create imaginary worlds and animals, play games and interact with friends.

Stop Frame Animator- A way of creating movement from still objects. Have a go with our free online tool.

Storify- Tell a story with Twitter.

StoryBird- Make, read, and share visual stories.

StoryJumper- A place to create and discover stories for kids.

Time Lapse Creator- Create your own time lapse photo stories.

ToonDoo- A cool, comic-creating tool from Jambav, a fun site for kids.

Voki- An educational tool that allows users to create their very own talking character.

Zimmer Twins- A site devoted to kids and creative storytelling.

Zooburst- A digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books.

Zopler- A social network where writers, teachers and students can easily collaborate on writing stories together as a group.


Comic Life- Comic Life lets you create astounding comics, beautiful picture albums, how-tos… and more!

SlideStory- Tell a story, share your photos, narrate in your own voice.


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