Domain Name Tools and web apps

Here are some websites you can use to help you creating good domain names.


Domainr is an innovative web tool designed to help you explore TLD’s other than .com that put popular websites like and on the map. The tool also includes popular top-level domains that are available, so it’s useful for brainstorming.


Dot-o-mator offers a domain name suggestion tool that uses a list of prefixes and suffixes you give it to mix and match with your keywords. It comes up with some pretty cool names you can use, saving you a ton of time. The tool also lets pick from some common website categories that use prefixes and suffixes they associate.


BustAName is a domain name finder with many features. It uses linguistic data to help you search domains. Plus, BustAName lets you save, manage and organize your searches for later use. I like its “List of Words” feature. It tells you about similar words that you can then organize inside folders for even more research. When you search for available domains, it allows you to sort the list in a number of ways for easier viewing.

Domain Tools

Domain Tools is a set of domain name search engines that will help you uncover relevant information about certain domain names. They have a “Whois” search that reveals records about the party who registered the domain, a “Suggestions” search to help you find similar domain names, a “Domain Search” which shows you what TLDs of a domain name are available, and domain names that are “For Sale” or “At Auction”.


DomainsBot is a domain search engine that has an “Advanced” search feature so that you can conduct a more customized and refined search. For example, you can set the maximum domain character length to eliminate lengthy domain names from the results or exclude domain results that have a hyphen (-).


StuckDomains is a database of expired domain names that previous owners have not renewed. This can be an opportunity to find a domain name that is about to come available.


Nameboy is a popular domain name generator. This straightforward web tool asks for a “Primary Word” and “Secondary Word” that describe the topic of your website. Based on the keyword phrases you give it suggests domain names for you to consider.


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