Containers and Microservices

Combined Containers and Microservices can work in symbiosis to really accelerate delivery and improve quality.

Containers without Microservices are still powerful, but if you migrate traditional monolithic application into containers without breaking them up into small services that are focus on doing one thing very well, you will quickly also see that containers is just another way to to accomplish the same thing. Yes you will probably have better automation in you delivery pipeline, but the benefits are still limited.

Microservices without containers are similarly limited. All of the early adopters on the Microservices market will tell you that Microservices comes with a new set of challenges. I would argue that most of these challenges are not new, they are just new to the early adopters since they only had a one large monolithic application before migrating the Microservices.

Containers and microservices are solutions to two different problems. Like all new solutions they come with their own drawbacks. However since containers solves the challenges of Microservices and vice-verse, combining them will only result in forward steps. The end result is exponential improvement in quality, exponential improvements in delivery time that will result in better business services in time to meet market needs.


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