Comparison of CLI commands between GlassFish and WildFly

List all available commandsasadmin -c "help --commands"
Display help infoasadmin --help
Check versionasadmin version
Start server or domainasadmin, or
Stop server or domainasadmin -c :shutdown
Restart server or domainasadmin -c ":shutdown(restart=true)"
Start in debug modeasadmin start-domain -d
asadmin start-domain --debug --debug
Deploy an app with CLIasadmin deploy ~/ -c "deploy ~/test.war"
Undeploy the test.war appasadmin undeploy -c "undeploy test.war"
List deployed appsasadmin list-applications
asadmin list-components
asadmin list-applications -l
asadmin list-components --long -c deploy -c undeploy -c "deploy -l" -c "undeploy -l" -c "ls deploy"
Add a server system propertyasadmin create-jvm-options -Dbuzz="This is"
-c "/system-property=buzz:add(value='This\ is\')"
List all server system propertiesasadmin -c "/system-property=*:read-resource"
Create a string or primitive JNDI resourceasadmin create-custom-resource
--property value=true resource/flag -c
binding-type=simple, type=boolean, value=true)"
List datasourcesasadmin -c
Create datasource using the default db configasadmin create-jdbc-resource --connectionpoolid DerbyPool jdbc/ -c "data-source add --name=test-ds --jndi-name=java\:jboss\/datasources\/test-ds --driver-name=h2 --connection-url=jdbc\:h2\:mem\:test;DB_CLOSE_DELAY\=-1" -c "data-source enable --name=test-ds"
Delete a datasourceasadmin delete-jdbc-resource jdbc/ -c "data-source remove --name=test-ds"
Batch processing based on file inputasadmin multimode --file /tmp/ -c "batch --file=/tmp/jboss-cli-commands.txt"


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