How to configure an Existing NFS Server for CentOS or Oracle Linux 7 installation

The instructions in this section are for configuring an NFS share on CentOS / Oracle Linux 7 systems.

To configure an existing NFS server:

1. Create the directory you want to export as the NFS share, for example /var/OSimage/OL7:

       # mkdir -p /var/OSimage/OL7

2. Copy the  CentOS / Oracle Linux 7 installation files to the NFS share. You can simply copy the full installation ISO image to the NFS share. The installation program is able to detect that the installation source is the full installation ISO image and install from that file. If you prefer, you can extract the contents of the full installation ISO image to the NFS share. 

3. Use the exportfs command to export the directory. 

      # exportfs -i -o options client:export_dir 

For example, to allow read-only access to the directory /var/OSimage/OL7 for any NFS client on the 192.168.1 subnet: 

     # exportfs -i -o ro 

Alternatively, edit the /etc/exports configuration file and add an entry for the directory, for example:        /var/OSimage/OL7 

Then use the exportfs -ra command to reload the NFS shares defined in the /etc/exports file.


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